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-The impact of COVID-19 on the economic sustainability of the dental clinics that are part of the Serra, Hortências, and Coastal COREDEs of RS-
-Education through work in health: connections between formation and practices in health services-
-Interfaces between teacher formation and welfare/malaise in basic education teaching-
-Health and teachers in a sick society: a study in the field of postgraduate in education-
-Education, teacher formation, DICT, and health in times of COVID-19 pandemic: a literature review-
-The access of the deaf community to health services: hands that speak-
-Socializing a self-evaluation tool for remote classes in postgraduate courses-
-Humberto Maturana and humanity in teacher training: contributions to feelthink in education-
-The academic formation of nurses, doctors from the perspective of guaranteeing women's human rights-
-Social skills of mothers of youth and adults with Down Syndrome-
-Occupational Therapy in the context of heath education: an experience report-
-Students' conceptions about their medical education at a public university-
-The teaching internship in the representations of public health students-
-The perception of medical students about their participation in a program to cope with COVID-19-
-Holistic thinking in school: the case of the Itapetininga/SP (Brazil) medIFtação project-
-Hearing mothers report about the process of communication with deaf children-
-Educational interventions in the context of Systemic Arterial Hypertension: a systematic review-
-The absence of dialogue in the process of professional formation in health in remote education: impacts on the learning and mental health of academics-
-Concerns and coping strategies reported in sessions of Integrative Community Therapy by workers in a Socio-educational Center in Paraná-
-Integrative community therapy: a mobilizing practice of self-care and emotional education and integral health for medical students-
Elementos (mostrados por Fecha de envío en Descendente orden): 1 a 20 de 6737