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-Learning Prehistory an Archaeology in a neocave: relation between competence, learning perception and satisfaction-
-Aletheia: against oblivion. Strategies through art to elaborate emotional memory. What to do with the intangible heritage of the traumatic memory?-
-School inspection processes in Chile: A preliminary approach to the context of municipal and subsidized private institutions in the Metropolitan Region-
-Development and psychometric validation of the questionnaire of school life for nonviolence (CENVI)-
-Facilitators and barriers for the educational inclusion of migrant children in Chile-
-English pedagogy for refugees: A project of University outreach-
-Presence of an environmental education based on knowledge, attitudes, and practices in the teaching of natural sciences in municipal establishments of Los Angeles, Chile-
-Procastination, internet addiction, and academic performance in Ecuadorian college students-
-Pendulum movement: heritage education projects between the formal and informal spheres. The Pintia Program of Educational Innovation and The Wine Festival of Viver-
-Key learning experiences of Chilean adults in situations of vulnerability: Recognition as a reason for learning-
-Citizenship education and identity in U.S. museums. An analysis from a heritage education perspective-
-Neuromyths among Chilean teachers: origins and predictors-
-Chilean teachers’ perceptions of their classroom assessment perspectives, skills, and practices-
-Design and Evaluation of a Study Guide to Strengthen the Triad: Student, Teacher and Family-
-Evaluation of educational programmes on Intangible Cultural Heritage-
-Patrimonial Education in the non-formal context of São Paulo (Brasil). “Plataforma Paranapiacaba: memory and experimentation”-
-Features and Educational Dimension in Heritage Education apps. Analysis from the OEPE method-
-Teacher training and Heritage education-
-The teacher’s role in the interaction among peers in an extracurricular activity. Study of an experience in a school channel of online TV-
-Nuclei of meaning that emerge from the experience of Human Rights Training in in-service teachers and pedagogy students from a Chilean state university-
Elementos (mostrados por Fecha de envío en Descendente orden): 1 a 20 de 74