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-The evaluation of teamwork outside the classroom: Case study of teaching experiences on the research axis-
-New trends in physical activity and sport. A curriculum proposal for professional sports programs-
-Didactic model for the teaching and learning of mathematics with manipulative didactic materials-
-Consequences of the food suspension on the family economy of the members of the Ulpiano Navarro Educational Unit caused by COVID-19-
-Educational resource based on gamification for the appropriation of the construction and maintenance process of the aquaponic production systems of Greenfish S.A. company-
-Modeling patterns in Scratch: A strategy to support variational thinking-
-Family functionality of a population in a situation of vulnerability, a view from the Olson circumplejo model: Cormoranes Cúcuta-Colombia barrio study-
-Key success factors for business short-cycle b-learning programs in the public education setting-
-Efficiency analysis of a solar disk collector with Stirling engine in the city of Armenia, Colombia-
-Semiotic representation records for understanding the ellipse using GeoGebra-
-Three semiotic representations that give meaning to the learning of the concept of number: Proposal of a didactic strategy for preschoolers-
-Interpretation of the methodological processes of the teaching practice professors in the bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages with Emphasis in English at UCEVA-
-Relationship between antagonists in the construction of hope today, from Freireano’s philosophical-pedagogical thought-
-Becoming citizen: Case study in Medellín city-
-Ontology of the refugee and the displaced-
-Possible scenarios and praxis of dialogical educational leadership in the transition of school organizations to learning communities-
-Bicentennial schools project in Chile. A case study in the Maule region-
-Theater as a didactic strategy to reduce stage fright in french as a second language classes-
-Product development model for academic proyects-
-The development of socio-critical mathematical thought as a contribution to strengthening environmental awareness in middle education students-
Elementos (mostrados por Fecha de envío en Descendente orden): 1 a 20 de 1399