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-Learning english and the use of Ict as a teaching method in a group of students in the english career of the autonomous university of Chiriquí.-
-Teaching foreign languages remotely during the covid-19 pandemic: Between complexities and opportunities.-
-Sleep and academic performance: An important relationship-
-Care and Relationship Arts-Education-
-The arts-education relationship, from the point of view or pedagogy, is not primarily to do professional artistic education. Educating "with" the arts means educating " throught" the arts and educating "for" an art-
-Psychological reactance modifies perception and adherence to interventions in medical students-
-Knowledge Patterns in Nursing: Pedagogical Strategies for Care-
-Learning processes during Covid-19. University students perceptions within the agronomics department-
-Evolution and projection of higher middle education in México-
-Social action from family diversity in the peace process in the educational framework in san vicente del Caguán, Colombia-
-From Prenatal Care to Radical Educaction-
-Tradition, rupture and continuity of rural education in the Ibero-American space-
-Towards the reorientation of education-
-Signification of knowledge of education as a methodology principle of pedagogical research and the relevance of common activity-
-The educational relationship is the ideal means of educator-educatee interaction: A look from Pedagogy-
-Teacher Profesional Development for the strengthening of digital competence in pedagogical practices in basic education: A systematic review-
-Complex planetary decolonial education and its ecosophical relinks-
-Method of analysis of the state of conservation and useful life for concrete buildings of the modern era in Colombia.-
-Education in afectivity in the classroom: Some didactic clues-
Elementos (mostrados por Fecha de envío en Descendente orden): 1 a 20 de 1613