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-Teaching performance in the research competencies of master’s students-
-Creativity in Business Development throughout a Theoretical Analysis-
-Management of public communication policies for the development of tourism in Puno-
-Evaluation of an assertive communication program in municipal security agents in Lima – Peru-
-Student perception on the use of ICT by teachers at public universities in Peru-
-Factors associated with childhood anemia in a rural area of Huaraz-
-Factors that influence family income in Amazonas, Peru-
-Facebook and its pedagogical use: Perceptions of students and educators of basic education-
-Employability Skills in Future Peruvian Managers-
-Use of WhatsApp in health workers in the Chilean vaccination process against the COVID-19 pandemic-
-Social Perception of Water Quality and Territorial Expansion of Mining in Ollachea, Puno, Peru-
-Peruvian woman in the bicentennial: Entrepreneurship promoter in times of crisis-
-Digital transformation in public administration: challenges for active governance in Peru-
-Seven linguistic levels as a strategy to improve reading comprehension-
-Digital competencies and learning achievement satisfaction of university students in times of Covid-19-
-Intellectual capital as a factor of organizational performance in Micro and Small Companies-
-Effect of the Qali Warma school feeding program on learning achievements in Peru-
-Tourism and Local Development: a Case Study in the District of Pisac - Cusco-
-Formative Assessment in Educaction-
-Evolution of the profile of the social communicator: analysis of the transformations of professional work-
Elementos (mostrados por Fecha de envío en Descendente orden): 1 a 20 de 367