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-Public sphere of Puno university students, an analysis of the social network The university portal-
-Analysis of institutional management in the academic units of the National Police – Perú-
-Analysis of information and factors of environmental performance and circular economy in Peruvian companies-
-Socio-environmental Problems Surrounding the South Peruvian Gas Pipeline Project Province of Canas – Cusco-
-The pain of the subalterns and the desire for an unfinished revolution: Narratives about political violence in the Aymara Nation – Peru-
-Brain predomination and academic performance in the students of the education faculty of the National University of Altiplano (UNA) –Puno-
-Overview of literary education in university classrooms-
-Musical software in the teaching-learning of Music students of the National University of the Altiplano Puno-
-Peruvian universities and their scientific production in the tourism area-
-Between anomy and inhumanity: Femicide cases in the Puno region – Peru-
-COVID-19, Ontopolitics, Necropolitics and a new philosophical and social concept in Perú and the world: Idiopolitics-
-Effects of the physical activity and sports program on medical students-
-The challenges of proximity television in northern Chile: The case of the Coquimbo region-
-Analysis of strategic planning and its influence on political-electoral results from the study of the first round of the Chilean presidential campaign of 2017-
-Methods of musical education for the development of the musical memory of music students-
-Development of selective attention through play in higher education students.-
-Delimiting the concept of Literacy: A proposal for a better understanding-
-Social skills in Sngagement and academic performance in university students-
-Socioeconomic determinants in the estimation of the willingness to pay of the potable water and sanitation project in the town of Paxa, district of Tiquillaca - Puno 2017-
-Experimental evaluation of factors that affect the time of permanence of a user in a news website-
Elementos (mostrados por Fecha de envío en Descendente orden): 21 a 40 de 170