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-Images and Collective Memories: The National Resistance and Freedom Museum in Peniche-
-Registration of Off-Road Practices as Intangible Heritage and Implementation of the Off-Road Ecomuseum in Nova Lima, Minas Gerais-
-The Voices of the Regional Museum of São João del Rei-
-Social Museology, Disability and Non-Formal Education: Skills and Learning of People with Intellectual Disabilities at the Museum of Art in Rio-
-Consent, agreement, communities and holders: the issue of social participation in the field of cultural heritage and the dialogue between the Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Heritage and the intangible heritage policy of Brazil-
-Construction and Disputes in the Museology Field in Brazil: The Northeastern Forums (1988 – 1996)-
-Thoughts on indigenous cultures and their encounters with children in museum education-
-The body in museology as expression of identity in contemporary thought-
-Escola Livre de Artes Arena da Cultura: building bridges between training and cultural inclusion of youth and adults-
-Between social museology and the traditional museum: The case of the Murillo La Greca Museum and the 2019 Occupation Convocation - Recife, PE-
-“Sexual roles” at Museu Paulista collection-
-Trans Narratives in Museums Collections: Dialogues with Élle de Bernardini and Lyz Parayzo-
-Training for gender diversity and visibility actions for the LGBT population in museums in Belo Horizonte-
-Co-designing with visually impaired people in the museum-
-The Pedagogical Boxes’ Educational Program at the Homem do Nordeste Museum-
-The mediation of the memories of the Marquesa de Santos in his old manor house in São Paulo-
-Essay on a PositHIVe Museology-
-LGBT Museology Cartography of LGBTQI + memories in collections, archives, heritage, monuments and transgressor museums - by Tony Boita-
-Inhotim Institute: the experience of a museum complex and its relations with contemporary art, the environment and human development (PhD)-
Elementos (mostrados por Fecha de envío en Descendente orden): 1 a 20 de 937