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-Paranaense Museum: Paths, Contexts, Museological Actions and Interactions with Society (PhD)-
-Between the arch and the basket: Queer notes on heterocentric indigenous people in museums and Museology-
-Conceição das Crioulas: History of an education made of stories, memories that inspire struggles-
-Applied LGBT Museology: a management experience at the Museu das Bandeiras-
-Collection and Diversity: in search of new collections management methodologies-
-Body, Tattoo and Power: A project in Sociomusology (Msc)-
-For a Black Lesbian Museology-
-Memories of pain and construction of exhibitions: talking about femicide-
-Sociomuseology as a school of thought and Museologia Social as a practice. How can Museums help to transform the reality of groups under the effect of marginalization?-
-Heritage and anthropological concept of culture: a longstanding relationship-
-Overcoming the unique history: Heritage education as an instrument of cultural democratization in the Federal District-
-Sharing, Education and Heritage Preservation Networks: 30 years building bridges and opening paths of integration in the Americas-
-Permeable representations: Feeling and ideological clash-
-An Exploratory Path at the National Costume Museum 1983-2008 Contributions to Sociomuseology-
-Museological Management: Performance Paradigms, Results and Perspectives: The panorama of the Portuguese Museum Network fifteen years after its creation-
-Los Cuchimilcos: a museum made by children and for children-
-“Our apple is what Eve eats”: Manoel de Barros' poetics and the epistemic places of undisciplined museologies in Brazil-
-The museums and their public: a study in the National Museum of Fine Arts of Cuba (MNBA)-
-Culture, social phenomena and curriculum of Higher Education: articulations via museum and university-
Elementos (mostrados por Fecha de envío en Descendente orden): 21 a 40 de 937