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Título : Mining and competing sovereignties in New Caledonia
Palabras clave : mining;sovereign pluralism;resource nationalism;New Caledonia;decolonization;local level politics
Descripción : Mining, especially nickel mining, has a long history in New Caledonia and cannot be separated from the trajectory of this territory as a settler colony. However, the construction of mining as a political stake and resource in the New Caledonian public arenas has come surprisingly late, only emerging explicitly in the 1990s as pro-independence parties pushed the issue to the fore in their negotiations with the French state and anti-independence parties. Nickel mining and processing became part of the claim for sovereignty in the form of a 'resource nationalism' discourse. This paper discusses the multi-layered nature of sovereignty through the theoretical propositions of Richard Joyce on 'competing sovereignties' (2013) to illustrate both the complexities of a decolonization situation that has lasted for 20 years and the challenges posed to sovereignty by mining.
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Le Meur Pierre-Yves, Levacher C.. Mining and competing sovereignties in New Caledonia. 2022, 92 (1), p. 74-92
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