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-Some Ugly Things That Nobody Studies: Provocations About Fire as a Museum Object-
-A Play in the Field of Words: From Material Culture to/and Cultural Heritage-
-Embodied Space and Time in the Huamantla Map-
-The Sacrifice of Tecciztecatl and the Metaphor of the Day in the Festivals of the Mexica Veintenas-
-The Connectenedness of Archives: Museums in Brazil and Europe-
-The Worldview of the Zapotecs of the Sierra Sur of Oaxaca (Mexico) and the Comparative Environmental Ethics-
-Wai Wai Plaitwork and Pottery Technologies in Ethnographic Collections-
-The Children of the “Indian-Child”. Discourses on Indigenous Childhood Within the Sources on the Argentinean Chaco (End of the 19th Century - Beginning of the 20th Century)-
-The Cracks, Bumps, and Dents of ‘Culture Collecting’: Examples from the Study of South American (Fire) Fans-
-Power and Childhood in the Andean Region from the Perspective of Colonial Sources (16th-17th centuries)-
-Images, Voices and Practices of Indigenous Childhood in Latin America: Anthropological Perspectives on Past and Present Processes and Experiences. Introduction to the Dossier-
-A Ballgame Story Reworked as Anti-Myth in the Relación de Michoacán: Kingship, Identity, and Remembrance Forgotten in a Tale of the Origin of the Spaniards-
-The Lexicographical Heritage: Nineteenth Century Compilations and their Contribution to the Linguistics of the Bribri Language-
-A Manuscript by Carlos Spegazzini with Unpublished Data on the Haush Language-
-The Chachapuya Language and Proto-Kawapanan: Lexical Affinities and Hypothetical Contact Scenarios-
-The ‘Double Link’ and the Configuration of Ethnopolitics in the Municipality of Almirante Brown, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina-
-Maximilian Prince of Wied-Neuwied and his Ethnographic Collection from Eastern Brazil, 1815-1817: Preliminary Notes-
-Exotic Materials, Native Artifacts. Exploring Objects in the Encounter Between Amerindian Peoples and Old World Animals-
-Never Quite Abandoned, Never Sufficiently Studied: Brazilian Indigenous Objects in European Museums-
-Presence of Puquina in Aimara and Quechua: Lexical and Grammatical Aspects-
Elementos (mostrados por Fecha de envío en Descendente orden): 21 a 40 de 2100