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-God’s Project to defend the interests of the empire critical reading of the book of Nehemiah from the viewpoint of the opposing artifices-
-Intervention in grief at the rupture of a couple relationship using conductive cognitive therapy, based on four case analyses-
-Art and civil disobedience-
-Notes for a philosophy of morality: about certain keys of reading the genealogy of the moral of Friedrich Nietzsche-
-Utopia and its possibility in the "hope principle" of Ernst Bloch-
-Globalization - globalization: two sides of the same coin?-
-The myth of privatization and the chilean experience-
-New approaches to the concept of civil society: from civil society to the control society-
-And how do we live? an approach to the concept of the founder in Heidegger-
-Review: Morin and complex thinking-
-The citizen's mandate for peace, life and freedom in Colombia-
-Dynamics and techniques of nonviolent action (ANV)-
-Kant, theism and morality-
-Emphasis of social management in the Uniminuto Social Work curriculum-
-The principle of change or the historic continuation of errors-
-The reconciliation from below-
-Education as an overcoming of the contrast between the personal desire for well-being, the desire of others and the right, from Hegel-
-The Wittgenstein smile: the saying and quietening paradox in the tractatus-
-Equal justice and ethical justice-
Elementos (mostrados por Fecha de envío en Descendente orden): 1 a 20 de 495