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-Language, neoliberalism and K-pop: Multilingualism in Korean pop music and language commodification-
-The remembrance of Rwanda's Genocide and its effects on the democratic present: An analyses out of mediatic necropolitics-
-The challenges for the consolidation of democracy in post-Soviet Central Asia : The case of Uzbekistan under Islam Karimov administration-
-Cultura política e apoio à democracia: Comparaciones entre Brasil y Venezuela-
-Legitimacy and political discourse: A dialogue between the English School and Hannah Arendt-
-Kant and the problem of war: Applications to the UN Peacekeeping Operations-
-Institutions and economic practices in focus: Contributions from Social Sciences-
-Technodiversity, by Yuk Hui-
-Political philosophy and international relations-
-Deafspace in Cyberspace: The use of digital technologies as cyberactivism by deaf artists-
-“Has China Won? The Chinese Challenge to the American Primacy”, from Kishore Mahbubani-
-International systemic crisis and democratic regimes-
-The latest tricks of Pinochet: The consolidation of chilean democracy in front of constitutional authoritarism-
-The The philosophical foundation, the legal principles and the political platform of the Kantian idea of cosmopolitism: An overview of the basic texts from a contemporary perspective-
-Nicaragua en crisis: Gobierno de Daniel Ortega (2007–2021) y el desmantelamiento democrático-
-Adherence to democratic norms as a way to minimize the effects of political intolerance-
-The emergence of feminism for a review of political theory: Human rights of women and the case of female genital mutilation-
-When less is more: Looks, speeches and practices about “simple life”-
-The question of moral on international politics: A theoretical-critical investigation among Kant and Nietzsche-
-The community of equals and the leader of the true people: A brief characterization of the phenomenon of contemporary populism-
Elementos (mostrados por Fecha de envío en Descendente orden): 1 a 20 de 280