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-An overview of the Sources of lex informatica-
-Security and citizenship in Mexico: Proposal for an effective exercise of citizenship-
-The improper use of deep-frying oils generates malonaldehyde, a toxic substance for health-
-Comparative study of the intervention of anti-riot groups for the restoration of rights-
-Imputability in the patrimonial responsibility of the State in the so-called extrajudicial executions and the subsequent for public agents-
-Analysis of the International Experience in Providing Administrative Services to the Population: What Relevance for its Enforcement in Ukraine?-
-The Failure in the Surveillance of the Security Mechanisms in the Importation of Vehicles and its Incidence in the Responsibility of the State-
-Protest music in Chile: Vehicle for diffusion of the social consignment of natural law-
-Assessing the quality of higher education:: Concepts and forms-
-The Formal and Pragmatic Deficiencies of the Means of Constitutional Control in Mexico-
-Deconstruction of the principal constitutional guarantees regarding the social security of informal laborers in Colombia-
-International experience of public administration development: What can we learn from other countries?-
-Private Law and Human Rights: New realities-
-International and foreign experience of control over the activity of courts (judges)-
-Taxation of platform economies: the new global challenge-
-Animal abuse in Colombia: criminal and infringement protection in favor of animals-
-A brief approach oriented to the creation of shared value from the university: The Institute of Social Economy and Cooperativism (Indesco), Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia-
-The non-contractual liability in Colombia of de facto administration-
-The Ethical-Professional Disciplinary Law and its place in the Colombian legal order-
-Surrogacy: freedom and autonomy for women to make decisions regarding their own body: An ethical and legal approach-
Elementos (mostrados por Fecha de envío en Descendente orden): 1 a 20 de 218