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-Biodiversity as a reference to promote the conservation of Colombia’s ecosystems-
-Body (path-classroom) to understand-resignify the crisis of living from listening to popular music-
-Transdisciplinarity, transversality and alternative training models-
-The context of the pandemic, a pedagogical opportunity to strengthen biodiversity and culture-
-Thought processes: How to develop them through research within the framework of Teaching for understanding (Epc)?-
-Mathematics teacher evaluation to improve learning of linear functions-
-Citizen training in the Psychology program of the National Open and Distance University, CEAD Ibagué-
-Critical Community Education Practices of the Surcolombiana University within the framework of the University Extension-
-The impact of the institutional educational project of INPEC on a group of post-convicted women-
-Proposal for pedagogical innovation at the San José Teaching Center in the municipality of Aipe, Huila-
-About the commodification of education-
-Senses of inclusive education in the formation of teachers-
-The academic performance of students linked to fuel theft. Puebla Region, Mexico-
-Perceptions of the school and classroom environment and its incidence in the student’s performance-
-Didactic strategy to awaken literary Sensitivity in adolescents-
-Students attitudes and alternative proposal for the teaching-learning of natural sciences in the educational institutions of the city of Neiva – Huila-
-Impact of the adoption of physical activity and healthy nutrition strategies in Neiva’s schoolchildren-
-Institutional self-assessment from the voices of the subjects-
-Factors that affect the entrance to higher education of graduates from the Silvania educational institution-
Elementos (mostrados por Fecha de envío en Descendente orden): 1 a 20 de 146