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-Management model for the safety and health of the employees of the Catholic University of Cuenca campus Azogues-
-Virtual teaching resources and Storytelling as strategies to strengthen reading comprehension-
-Online activities and resources applied by teachers during the covid-19 pandemic: a comparative analysis-
-Innovative physical activity to reduce sedentary lifestyle in students-
-Competitive advantage through the implementation of a Project Management Office - PMO. Evidence in Ecuador-
-The simplex method as a tool in the optimization of resources of an agroindustrial enterprise-
-Gamification and teaching of organic chemistry in the students of third of high school-
-Presentation of the dossier | Society and culture. Musical experiences and globalization in the 21st century-
-Trends in research on teacher education in information and communication technologies: a bibliometric analysis-
-Bibliometric analysis of trends in legal and educational frameworks of the Juvenile Penal System-
-Influence of managerial skills on the persistence of artisanal enterprises in the canton of La Troncal-
-Importance of sustainable community entrepreneurship in coffee production in the communities of Loja-
-Design of Project Management Office (PMO) for manufacturing company in Cuenca-Ecuador-
-Obstetric and perinatal care in the Covid-19 pandemic: Experiences and perceptions of health agents in Córdoba, Argentina-
-Back to school, intermittent attendance. Basic education in Chiapas, Mexico-
-Model of an inventory and accounts receivable control system for Smes in Excel. Case of commercial MSMEs-
-Deterioration in the sustainability of MSEs and protection measures against the impact of delinquency in Quintana Roo, México-
-Occupational burnout and work–family balance after returning to face-to-face work post-Covid-19 pandemic in employees of financial and higher education services-
-Municipal open government, Degree of Human Development and the Functional Capabilities Index in the State of Mexico-
-Public Transportation in Juárez, México: users’ perceptions of the service prior to the start of operations of the BRT-2 trunk route-
Elementos (mostrados por Fecha de envío en Descendente orden): 21 a 40 de 989