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Título : R2D2: An effective model to incorporate ICTs in the EFL classroom?
Palabras clave : Educación;Educational technology;english teaching;apps;digital era;ICT
Editorial : Universidad de Costa Rica
Descripción : Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in English language teaching have become effective tools to boost meaningful learning. In an EFL environment the need to apply a model to incorporate web tools and free apps in the classroom takes prominence for teachers at the university level. The present study is an attempt at determining the effectiveness of the implementation of the Read-Reflect-Display and Do (R2D2) model by Bonk and Zhang (2006) through the design and application of a booklet of activities used by a group of 14 students of the Associates program in English and 17 students of the Bachelors degree in English Teaching at Universidad Nacional Brunca Branch. Due to its nature this research encompasses a case study with a descriptive scope. The design and implementation will be analyzed through an empirical predictive and retrospective evaluation considering the administration of a teacher and a student questionnaire and a focus group. The instruments were administered to 31 students and 7 teachers. The results of the analysis led to conclude that the model implemented in the booklet of activities proposed was effective to integrate ICTs to the learning process of a second language and at the same time innovate with the techniques used to incorporate the didactic strategies in this type of class. In order to safeguard the effectiveness of the R2D2 model is worth considering the teachers interest and willingness to use the technologies involved.
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