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-Biological and social effect of the factors associated with cardiovascular risk in the young adult population, documentary review in the period 2010-2020-
-How does Judaism affect Israel’s economic growth-
-Tabla de contenido-
-Fact and fiction in the lives of street kids-
-Combustion of charcoal, a latent enemy of the environment-
-Ethnic approach-
-Historical report of five african descent women indirect victims of the social and armed conflict in the neighborhood Tumaquillo, Tumaco municipality, department of Nariño-
-Densification in the urban voids of the District of Buenaventura: to promote a compact and sustainable city-
-Walking experiences in the Cali River watershed:: An ethnographic perspective and an anthropological account-
-Governance, human mobility and Venezuelan migration and its impacts on Colombia.-
-La Salve, a song of life and death: Oral Tradition and Territoriality in the village of La Balsa, Cauca.-
-Systematization of experience Learning with anchorage In citizen coexistence-
-Methodological links in social work. Reflections from research - intervention: Reflexiones a partir de la investigación – intervención-
-‘Culinary craftswomen’: Social and Solidarity Economy-
-Emerging knowledge of urban arts and culture of peace. A case study in San Salvador-
-Socioeconomic dynamics in coffee systems in the southwestern Colombian center.-
-The debate on the political centrality of the oppressed. The validity of Marx and Engels in Latin America.-
-A day in the daily life of young people in Belalcázar, Guapi and Silvia Cauca.-
-Social management and community development: case of the black community Campo Hermoso, Buenaventura, colombian Pacific.-
-Valuation of ecosystem services and some experiences in Colombia Western-
Elementos (mostrados por Fecha de envío en Descendente orden): 1 a 20 de 42