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Título : A review of the microtremor horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratio (MHVSR) method
Palabras clave : COSMOS Guidelines;Best practices;Earthquake site effects;Site amplification;Microtremor;Spectral ratio;HVSR;MHVSR;Nakamura method
Descripción : The single-station microtremor horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratio (MHVSR) method was initially proposed to retrieve the site amplification function and its resonance frequencies produced by unconsolidated sediments overlying high-velocity bedrock. Presently, MHVSR measurements are predominantly conducted to obtain an estimate of the fundamental site frequency at sites where a strong subsurface impedance contrast exists. Of the earthquake site characterization methods presented in this special issue, the MHVSR method is the furthest behind in terms of consensus towards standardized guidelines and commercial use. The greatest challenges to an international standardization of MHVSR acquisition and analysis are (1) the what - the underlying composition of the microtremor wavefield is site-dependent, and thus, the appropriate theoretical (forward) model for inversion is still debated; and (2) the how - many factors and options are involved in the data acquisition, processing, and interpretation stages. This paper reviews briefly a historical development of the MHVSR technique and the physical basis of an MHVSR (the what). We then summarize recommendations for MHVSR acquisition and analysis (the how). Specific sections address MHVSR interpretation and uncertainty assessment.
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Molnar S., Sirohey A., Assaf J., Bard P. Y., Castellaro S., Cornou Cécile, Cox B., Guillier Bertrand, Hassani B., Kawase H., Matsushima S., Sanchez-Sesma F. J., Yong A.. A review of the microtremor horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratio (MHVSR) method. 2022, [Early access], p. [33 p.]
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