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Título : Fast and novel botanical exploration of a 320-km transect in eastern Amazonia using DNA barcoding
Palabras clave : DNA barcoding;French Guiana-Brazil border;matK;rbcLa;tree inventory;Tumucumaque
Descripción : We explored a 320-km transect in the Tumucumaque mountain range along the border between southern French Guiana and Brazil, sampling all trees and lianas with DBH >= 10 cm in seven 25 x 25-m plots installed near seven boundary milestones. We isolated DNA from cambium tissue and sequenced two DNA barcodes (rbcLa and matK) to aid in species identification. We also collected fertile herbarium specimens from other species (trees/shrubs/herbs) inside and outside the plots. The selected DNA barcodes were useful at the family level but failed to identify specimens at the species level. Based on DNA barcoding identification, the most abundant families in the plots were Burseraceae, Fabaceae, Meliaceae, Moraceae, Myristicaceae and Sapotaceae. One third of the images of sampled plants posted on the iNaturalist website were identified by the community to species level. New approaches, including the sequencing of the ITS region and fast evolving DNA plastid regions, remain to be tested for their utility in the identification of specimens at lower taxonomic levels in floristic inventories in the Amazon region.
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Milliken W., Odonne G., Engel Julien, Le Tourneau F. M., Suescun U., Chave J.. Fast and novel botanical exploration of a 320-km transect in eastern Amazonia using DNA barcoding. 2022, 52 (1), p. 29-37
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