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-Part I : Hydrological properties within the eastern Indonesian throughflow region during the INDOMIX experiment-
-Site-specific PSHA : combined effects of Single-Station-Sigma, host-to-target adjustments and nonlinear behavior : case study at Euroseistest-
-Spatial solutions and their impacts when reshuffling coastal management priorities in small islands with limited diversification opportunities-
-Climate controls on the interseasonal and interannual variability of the surface mass and energy balances of a tropical glacier (Zongo glacier, Bolivia, 16 degrees S) : new insights from the multi-year application of a distributed energy balance model-
-Molecular characterization of Trichomonas infections in women of Ilam City, southwestern Iran-
-Hydrogeochemical and isotopic assessment for characterizing groundwater quality and recharge processes in the Essaouira Basin, Northwestern Morocco-
-High genetic diversity and Rickettsia felis in Pediculus humanus lice infesting Mbuti (pygmy people), Democratic Republic of Congo-
-Further record of the deep-sea Euphausiid, Thysanopoda cristata G. O. Sars, 1883 (Euphausiacea, Euphausiidae) from the southwestern Atlantic : with comments on morphological variations-
-Estimating chikungunya virus transmission parameters and vector control effectiveness highlights key factors to mitigate arboviral disease outbreaks-
-Ontogenetic changes in root traits and root-associated fungal community composition in a heteroblastic epiphytic bromeliad-